Response to the proposition of Noam Shalid

International Waters, May 26 2010

  1. We are happy that we have support for our humanitarian mission from countries all over the world and from within Israel itself, from Gush Shalom, the Coalition of Women for Peace, and now from Noam Shalid
  1. We fell deeply for the family of Gilad Shalid and for the families of the around 8000 Palestinian prisoners suffocating in Israeli prisons, and we hope that they all will be reunited with their families. Obviously, we also feel strongly for the 1.5 million Palestinians living in the largest open air prison known to the history of man – the Gaza Strip
  1. We are a coalition of non-governmental organizations and have no links with any government. That said, we are going to a territory ruled by a government that you refuse to talk to, and we are willing to deliver your message to the authorities of Gaza.
  1. We expect Israel to behave according to the standards of every civilized, law-abiding nation and refrain from interfering when our Freedom Flotilla sails to Gaza to deliver reconstruction material and humanitarian aid to the besieged population of Gaza

Signed by the Coalition Partners of the Freedom Flotilla


Free Gaza

Ship to Gaza, Greece

Ship to Gaza, Sweden

European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza


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