Israel tries to prevent Ship to Gaza from seeking justice in Israel

Ship to Gaza-Sweden Press release 6 November, 2010

Israel tries to prevent Ship to Gaza from seeking justice in Israel

The Israeli Embassy in Stockholm issued a press release on Friday, 5 November, stating that Israel will prevent Ship to Gaza spokesperson Dror Feiler and member of Parliament Mehmet Kaplan from going to Tel Aviv to file a legal complaint against the Israeli government and
the Defense Ministry. The stated reason for preventing Feiler and Kaplan’s entry is that “any person who tries to enter Israel illegally will be denied entry into Israel for a period of ten years.”
    That is a curious statement, considering that none of the passengers aboard Ship to Gaza/Freedom Flotilla had attempted to enter Israel. Nor did they have any such intention. Quite the contrary: They were headed for Gaza when they were boarded, arrested and taken to Israel against their will. Nine people were killed and about 30 were seriously wounded during the attack. Vessels, cargo and personal property were all confiscated and, in most cases, have still not been returned.
  The complaint that Feiler and Kaplan intend to file with the Tel Aviv police department and the district attorney—on behalf of all Swedish passengers—is based on the incidents connected with the boarding. The charges are: armed robbery and/or larceny, kidnapping, unlawful deprivation of freedom and aggravated assault.
  Ship to Gaza-Sweden expects that Israel is a constitutional state which will allow people— who believe, on good grounds, they have been the victims of crimes committed by state authorities—to file a complaint with the police and prosecutors so that alleged crimes can be investigated. The Swedish passengers are represented by the reputable Israeli attorney, Gaby Lasky. Feiler and Kaplan will travel to Israel as planned on Sunday, in the hopes that justice will be allowed to be served.


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